Friday, February 3, 2012

A Metal Man Talks About Guitar Compariton

Those are good guitars however the odd shaped bodies make it harder play sitting down (I practice sitting when Im at home). They also have a hard time fitting in gig bags and the cases are huge for V's. I have a few V's and they always bump into everything. I also don't care for Jacksons at all because their necks are a bit wider than most other guitars, but thats a personal thing. You also need to watch for improperly balanced guitars, which all 3 of those guitars typically have issues with.
Norms suggestion is a Strat. I do LIKE strats, but I don't love them for metal. Im both a rhythm and a lead player. Strats are ok to mess around with, but I almost never gig for my metal bands with my strats. I don't bring them to the studio either. So...
What would I suggest? Ibanez is one of my favorites.

They have the thinnest necks (Wizard II or Wizard III). Also, I love that their bolt ons have AANJ's (all access neck joints). They are the only brand of guitars that I will play live that has a bolt on. I typically rock the RG series and sometimes the S (Sabre) series. Both of those models normally have tremolos, but you can get them with fixed bridges OR get a tremsetter and lock it up. The other brand I would suggest is LTD. Now, mind you, some guitars have Floyds, some dont. You can block a Floyd and it will be more reliable than most fixed bridge guitars. Anyway, here are some good models to check out, LTD MH series. LTD EC series (EC-1000 is sick). Ibanez RGT42FX or Ibanez RGT42DX. Any Ibanez RG or S 300 series or up. The Ibanez ARZ I believe is a cheaper kinda LTD EC-1000. Seriously, try that EC-1000. You can get them on Ebay between $450 and $550 used with a case. You can also try the Ibanez SZ or SZR series. They are all neck thru models with fixed bridges.
If the Ibanez or LTD's aren't what you are looking for, my next step would be to look at some Dean or Schecter guitars. If you like the crazy bodies, go look at BC Rich guitars (they have really come around), DBZ guitars or a small company called October guitars