Monday, February 6, 2012

Lars Ulrich Twitter Feb 7

Metallica's Announcement: Three Possible Scenarios - Orange County Weekly: In September, Lars Ulrich was intervi...
1 hr 29 min ago

Go ahead..try and tell me lars ulrich isnt the best drummer ever. Go ahead...try.
3 hr 14 min ago

"@Ptang_Puma: @MMMM_Garrett lars ulrich doesn't stand a chance" how did you know I was gonna say Lars
3 hr 39 min ago

@MMMM_Garrett lars ulrich doesn't stand a chance
3 hr 40 min ago

You like the Clash? Imagine if Lars Ulrich was their drummer, check out Meccano from The Fades:
4 hr 38 min ago

Wikimetal - A Enciclopédia de Heavy Metal em Podcast: #060 - Lars Ulrich, Metallica. No Wikimetal !!!
5 hr 13 min ago

I liked a @YouTube video Mercyful Fate and Lars Ulrich - Return of the vampire...1993
5 hr 53 min ago

@dascensionband Lars Ulrich
6 hr 8 min ago

Gostei de um vídeo do @YouTube Lars Ulrich's kids listen to Megadeth!
7 hr 50 min ago

@KerrangMagazine lars ulrich did you ever make tapes of your fave bands cos that basically makes you just like napster :)
10 hr 32 min ago