Monday, February 20, 2012

The Beatles Fans Commented To Paul's Album

Mazzoli -Bought Kisses on the Bottom and love it!
Pinigit -the greeting card never even showed us on my husband's page so disappointing....

White -Lovee Paul hrs my fab/fab cutest Beatle will always love him I love u Paul so much

Ugarte -Paul you are smart and great. . . And my idol too. . . Your music and Beatle ones are my way of life. . . . Y wish you the best. . . . .sincerly Javier from Argentine

Mccartney -Paul you are a genius i admire you and i wish you good luck!!! :) and you are my hero becuase you stop your consume of marihuana!!! :D

S'kulah -Help ! Please help me... Help me...
Potthoff -GO BEATLES!!! :) :) :) :) :]
Ramadhan S -You are My Ispirator Mr.Paul!!!
. (I'm Rama HaradheBand, Indonesian Music Indie High School)

Grimes -All you need is love.

Gatewood -Pauly: All my lovin' I still give to you! I have luved you and John, George and Ringo for all my life. I got through all the bad times, found courage to listen to me, pursue dreams, take leaps, based on faith, all because I absorbed your music into every feeling part of my being. It infused me with a force that was every life element that I needed and grew as I grew. In fact, I wrote a letter to my mother the first time I was in love. It was with you, of course, and I was about 8-years old. It didn't go over well (one of those bad times) but it didn't change anything; I luved you in silence. I was hurt and felt mocked, but she didn't get it/me. Then. And I didn't know at the time, but I had thousands upon thousands of rivals. Maybe she did. Lol. But as the years passed she did get me and admired and respected me.