Monday, January 2, 2012

Paul Gilbert magnitude in Maximum quality

Paul Gilbert has become a magnitude that are hard to ignore the eye while watching the concert of Mr. Big 8 December. At the concert dedicated to celebrating Arthur Guinness' Day, Mr.. Big drugged rock fans. Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), prove that they are musicians who play live in maximum quality. They're not a band just sounded perfect in Mp3 or looks stunning in music videos. One reason is that thanks to the stunning action of Paul Gilbert.

At that time, Mr. Big show total for almost two hours to bring as many as 23 songs. Most of the songs that they bring is not foreign in the ear of fans of the band whose name soared through the singles "To Be With You".

I had thought Mr. Big is only going to bring their songs without guitar solos by Paul Gilbert. I followed the second by second course of the concert.
To capture this rare moment, the two devices I have, recorder, ready though still relatively modest compared to my friends from a few media photographers who use advanced DSLR type camera with a telephoto lens. I just using D1000 DSLR Canon camera with a lens and a built in video recorder which is available on mobile phones, Blackberry fairly simple.

After opening the concert with the song "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy", and then followed some old songs. Suddenly the lighting is closed. A few moments there was silence. A few seconds later, heard groans Paul guitar. Lighting reopened and highlight Paul Gilbert alone.

I had already suspected that Mr. Big going to surprise this time. My guess was right. Paul Gilbert as if he knew if he was among fans of shredder. And that night, the shredder Mr. Big played his guitar with melodic sound, guitar sound effects and show some guitar techniques.
And the audience was brought in the real atmosphere, what they witnessed that night was not the video footage which uploaded on Youtube. But, a live show playing on one of the most acclaimed guitarists in the world-Paul Gilbert!

Paul Michael Casis