Friday, January 6, 2012

Music Instrument History - Harmonica

Harmonica is most easily played music instrument. Just blowing and suck it will issue a pretty good voice. Harmonica derived from traditional Chinese musical instrument called 'Sheng' which has been used approximately 5000 years ago since the empire of Nyu-kwa.

Modern harmonica was invented in 1821 by Christian Friedrich Buschmann. A simple brass instrument that consists of vibrating plates of metal arranged in horozontal with poor design and only provides inflatable chromatic tones.

The initial design of Buschmann ultimately widely imitated and modified to be better. One example is artificial Richter harmonica which is the preliminary design of a modern harmonica. In 1826 he developed a variation of the hole harmonica with 10 fixed and 20 plate vibrating with a blown plate separation of functions and smoked. In the end, the tone is made ​​by Richter referred to as ringing tones and is a standard diatonic harmonica.

Harmonica instruments business started in 1857 when German craftsman named Matthias Hohner hours decided to become a manufacturer of harmonicas. By help of his family, he can produce 650 harmonica that year. Hohner harmonica introduced into North America in 1862, a move that brings the manufacturer into the number one of producer of this instrument. In 1887 Hohner was producing more than 1 million harmonicas annually. Now, Hohner has manufactured more than 90 different models of type, tone, and size. Which allows to play various musical styles ranging from pop, blues, rock, country, ska and various others.