Sunday, December 3, 2017

Miss In the Year of 1992's Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark Album, yeah it was... A memory about past time when we were childhood or in youth age, this album was perfect for heavymetal music line. Bruce Dickinson has a pure vocals, the best character by him from throat was out from mouth. This incredible war of heavy music was opened all metal people to buy the album, and hear it loudly at room. Trully, Iron Maiden want peace, not war. The lyrics a lot talk about peace, universal reformation for freedom, saving the suffered children, justice, part of songs told about horror and ghost, Iron Maiden Style as we know.
Be Quick or Be Dead, this post just only specially giving honor to this incredible song tone. Maybe there's Fear of the Dark Album's buyer spend some money to hear this, which didn't know the songs, especially for Iron Maiden fans. They will shocked from beginning when play cassette in tape electronic, because the drum hit by Nicko McBrain made open eye suddenly. Hard strike and fast. Melody and rythm come quickly before the running drum end, bass and two guitars made songs very heavy. Bruce Dickinson make voice so high, vocal's character get universizing with Iron Maiden's based style. 

This song was made Iron Maiden up to highest / the best heavymetal music in 1992, there's Yngwie Malmsteen's Fire and Ice album in the same condition, giving heavymetal sound to listeners. Be Quick or Be Dead have amazing rythm and tone union perfectly, fast and regulated. Steve Harris led the group cleverly, he plays the bass very nice and almost like guitar melody in all songs of this 1992 album.

In solo guitar, Janick Gers and Dave Murray make guitar duo amazingly, they both wasn't feel better or not in skill by each other, they give the song the king. Gers ever told a magazine, that his style in this song was influenced a lot by Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore. In 1992, Janick Gers included a new musician inside Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith is the elder one. Currently, Iron Maiden completed reunion of all, except maybe Paul D'Anno, the first vocal of Iron Maiden.

Be Quick or Be Dead is amazing song, bring us to 1992's age, when we all always listen heavymetal music in its age.


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