Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Legend of Zelda 2012 Symphony tour

Symphony tour paying homage to music from Nintendo adventure series The Legend of Zelda.

1. 10 @ Dallas
3/ 14 @ Vancouver, British Columbia
3/ 26 @ Seattle
3/ 28 @ San Francisco
4/ 7 @ Denver
4/ 20-21 @ Phoenix
5/ 12 @ Atlanta
5/ 31 @ Montreal, Quebec
June 22 @ Austin
July 14 @ Orlando
Sept. 29 @ Toronto, Ontario

The Legend of Zelda games feature a mixture of action, puzzles, adventure/battle gameplay, exploration, and questing. In most Zelda games, the player's life meter is represented as a line of hearts, and obtaining hearts from defeated enemies recharges your meter by one point. Most Zelda games feature "heart containers" or "a piece of heart", which can extend your life meter's maximum level by one, and these are very often the prize for completing side quests.

Koji Kondo, who has been described as the "greatest legend in the video game audio industry" due to his work for Nintendo, has composed much of the music for the series, although the last game for which he was solely responsible for the composition of the soundtrack was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Symphonic Legends focused on music from Nintendo and, among others, featured titles such as The Legend of Zelda. Following an intermission, the second half of the concert was entirely dedicated to an expansive symphonic poem dedicated to the series. The 35 minute epic tells the story of Link's evolution from child to hero.