Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Track of Presence Album

Presence was finally released March 31, 1976. “Tea For One” is a nice slow blues outing. This nine minute track evolves as it progresses and features some nice interplay between John Bonham and Jimmy Page.

Ive been working from seven to 11 everynight
Kinda makes my life a drag , I dont think thats right.

In an interview given in 1977, Jimmy Page said that the song

was the only time I think we've ever gotten close to repeating the mood of another of our numbers, "Since I've Been Loving You". The chordal structure is similar, a minor blues. We just wanted to get a really laid-back blues feeling without blowing out on it at all. We did two takes in the end, one with a guitar solo and one without. I ended up sitting there thinking, "I've got this guitar solo to do," because there have been blues guitar solos since Eric (Clapton) on Five Live Yardbirds and everyone's done a good one. I was really a bit frightened of it. I thought, "What's to be done?" I didn't want to blast out the solo like a locomotive or something, because it wasn't conductive to the vibe of the rest of the track. I was extremely aware that you had to do something different than just some B.B. King licks.

Led Zeppelin Fans Talk :
"Jimmy just outdoes himself in this song. This is one of my favorite songs, along side -yet another bluesy masterpiece by zeppelin- since I've been loving you. Similar in style, both are very good songs. The solo in this song is absolutely brilliant. love it."

"this song is so amazing i just love the cross between the blues and rock guitar in this song it just blows me away"