Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Korn Untouchables Gonna Know

The wait for Korn Untouchables' 14 cutting cuts is more than worth it, however. The quintet's heavy sound and lyrical angst have not been dulled by success. Singer Jonathan Davis's often agonized, cathartic lyrics and slightly lispy, emotive delivery are as heavy and varied as on previous outings. On the first single, "Here to Stay," which boasts a spooky, Nine Inch Nails feel and Fieldy's aggro, down-tuned bass, Davis growls in pain, "This state is elevating / As the hurt turns into hating / Anticipating all the feelings again."

Track Info:
1) Here To Stay
2) Make Believe
3) Blame
4) Hollow Life
5) Bottled Up Inside
6) Thoughtless
7) Hating
8) Alone I Break
10) Embrace
11) Beat It Upright
12) Wake Up Hate
13) I'm Hiding
14) No One's There

Release Date: 2002
Genres: Nu Metal, Hip Metal Closer to Trash Metal

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