Monday, January 9, 2012

Jay-Z Wrote Song For His Baby

The perceived happiness rapper Jay-Z is remarkable. He wrote his first rap song about the daughter who had just been born,with Beyonce Knowles.

Song titled 'Glory' was released by Jay-Z through Life and Times website on Monday (01/09/2012). The song was released two days after their daughter Ivy Blue Carter was born.

The most amazing feeling I feel ..
Words can not describe what I'm feeling for real ..
Maybe I paint the sky blue ..
My greatest creation was you. You. Glory ..

Not only write about the joy, the man's real name Shawn Carter was also revealed was concerned with Beyonce pregnancy. He was afraid his daughter disappeared candidates. But it all went smoothly.

The song then ends with a baby crying sound, which probably is Blue cries. Jay-Z has also written the initials of the BIC in the song is none other than a brief from Blue Ivy Carter. Thus was launched the Washington Post, Tuesday (01/10/2012).