Monday, January 16, 2012

Insane Asylum by Kathi McDonald

Insane Asylum by Kathi McDonald

This is Donald Driver, indeed one great album, and its limited availability is a shame. The original vinyl and clearly will never part with it, unless really hard up for dollars - and insane.

For a while, this recording was available only as a very expensive import. The Marin release is worth every penny of the $25 Marin's asking on The colors of the cover art are different from the original vinyl recording; there are no liner notes; and no song titles on the CD itself. But the package is still professionally produced. her doing the singing voice for actress Joanna Lumly in an episode of Inspector Lewis Mysteries on PBS), and the musicianship of the band - including Nils Lofgrin, John Creech, and the late John Cipollina - is just stellar.

McDonald's reading of "To Love Somebody" is every bit as good as Janis Joplin's on Kozmic Blues; "Heatwave" is a rocking update of the Martha Reeves hit; "Heartbreak Hotel," and "Somethin' Else," with its driving drums and explosive guitars, would make Eddie Cochran proud. John Creech's fiddle just screams on "Freak Lover." And, the rest of the cuts are just as good.


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