Monday, January 16, 2012

A Episodes Life of Joe Satriani

(EPISODES) - A five track EP recorded by guitarist Joe Satriani in 1984, called The Joe Satriani EP. The EP is notable for only using sounds made by an electric guitar, from tapping on the pickups for drums, to detuning the guitar for bass. The EP was successful in securing Satriani a recording contract with Relativity Records, recorded while Satriani was a guitar teacher in Berkeley, California, a musical technique life episodes of him.

The EP was re-released on the first disc of Time Machine in 1993. "Talk to Me" was not included, however, as its master tape had been damaged. The EP was originally self released on vinyl in a limited run.

1. "Talk to Me" – 3:30
2. "Dreaming Number Eleven" – 3:40
3. "Banana Mango" – 2:42
4. "I Am Become Death" – 3:54
5. "Saying Good-Bye" – 2:52


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