Sunday, January 15, 2012

And Revolver Can Sing

Many fans--including Revolver --remember it as their best, Revolver wouldn't remain the Beatles' most ambitious LP for long. An object lesson in fitting great songwriting into experimental production and genre play, this is also a record whose influence extends far beyond mere they-was-the-greatest cheerleading. Alongside Lennon's direct-hit sneering ("Dr. Robert") and dreamscapes ("I'm Only Sleeping," "Tomorrow Never Knows") and Harrison's peaking wit ("Taxman") was as conceptually brilliant as anything Sgt. Pepper attempted, and more subtly fulfilling. A must. Putting McCartney's more traditionally melodic "Here, There and Everywhere" and "For No One"

Track listing:

1. Taxman

2. Eleanor Rigby

3. I'm Only Sleeping

4. Love You To / Here, There And Everywhere

5. Yellow Submarine

6. She Said She Said

7. Good Day Sunshine

8. And Your Bird Can Sing

9. For No One

10. Doctor Robert

11. I Want To Tell You

12. Got To Get You Into My Life

13. Tomorrow Never Knows

14. Revolver Documentary


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