Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mindy McCready is back in the national spotlight that Mindy McCready is back in the national spotlight for being discovered in a closet with the five-year-old son she's accused of abducting, a lot of people who weren't necessarily paying much attention to the country side of music in the '90s may be wondering who this woman is.

McCready topped the country charts in 1996 with a tough-talking female empowerment anthem of sorts, "Guys Do It All The Time," in which she memorably set the scene with "Got in this morning at 4 a.m./You're as mad as you can be/I was drinkin' and talkin' and you know how that goes/Time just slipped away from me."

The video showed McCready playing poker with the girls, objectifying men and wearing boxing gloves.

That was McCready's second single. The first, "Ten Thousand Angels," peaked at No. 6 and shared a title with double-platinum debut album. The singer's second-biggest country hit arrived in 1997, "A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)." The sound is upbeat country pop as McCready responds to being dumped with "The first thing I did when you said goodbye was sit myself down and have a real good cry/The next thing I did was put my red dress on and go downtown dancing 'til the break of dawn." As she sings in the chorus, "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and now I've gotta get to gettin' over you/Too bad I gotta do it with someone new."

She represented a strong female voice on the radio, but radio lost interest and she never had another Top 10 hit. Her next single out of the box, "What If I Do," lost steam at No. 26, and the one after that, "You'll Never Know," became her last Top 40 country hit in 1998 when it hit No. 19.

Her 12th and final time on Billboard's country singles chart was in 2002 with "Maybe, Maybe Not," which stalled at No. 49.

Her latest album, the desperately titled "I'm Still Here," arrived in March 2010, earning a lukewarm review from Country Weekly and peaking at a disappointing No. 71 on Billboard's country album chart. That same year, she emerged as a new kind of star on "Celebrity Rehab," a depressing way to be remembered after showing so much promise on those early hits.

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