Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A TweetNews Told Van Halen Will Perform At Grammy

 If whatever genius is manning the Twitter handle over in Grammy land is correct, Van Halen fans will have multiple reasons to “Jump” for joy and “Dance the Night Away". Sorry, had to.

According to a not-so cryptic tweet by the Grammy’s, the classic 80s rockers are planning to “reunite” for a performance at the Grammy Nominations concert on Nov. 30.

"Who do u predict the reuniting band will be @ #GRAMMYnoms? Does this hint make u wanna 'Jump' & 'Dance the Night Away’?" the Grammys tweeted last week on their official account, referring to two of the band’s hit songs. Subtle, subtle.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen, his drummer brother, Alex, and 20-year-old bassist son, Wolfgang, are expected to team up with original frontman David Lee Roth at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. The band will share a stage with Lady Gaga, Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco.

A great deal of rumors and speculation have been accumulated into a theory that there's actually a new album in the works if not already completed. The band's vast discography was a cornerstone piece of the soundtrack to the 1980s, and after a go-round with various other lead singers, the band reunited and toured with great financial success in 2007-2008 — following its March 2007 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — with Wolfgang replacing original bassist Michael Anthony.

The band’s tumultuous 40-year history has been a roller coaster of drama, with Roth quitting the group in 1985 after six albums with the band, and Sammy Hagar replacing him until 1996. In September of the same year, the four original members of Van Halen made their first public appearance together since their infamous break-up, presenting an award. A half-minute deafening standing ovation later, the reunion soured bitterly, with David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen nearly coming to blows.

Van Halen claims that Roth said, "Tonight is about me, man, not your fucking hip!" Van Halen, infuriated by the rampant egotism, reportedly snapped back, "if you ever speak to me like that again, you'd better be wearing a cup!" The reunion fizzled, and a decade passed before Roth rejoined his band mates in late 2006.

As for a new album, producer Ross Hogarth told UltimateClassicRock.com: "The whole Van Halen record has been recorded and we're all excited… I'm really stoked about it, as it is the original band, Eddie and Alex with Wolf playing bass, and David Lee Roth singing."

Lending support to that story, producer-songwriter John Shanks (Michelle Branch, Melissa Etheridge) tweeted early this year that he was in the studio with the band.

There’s still no official word on whether Van Halen will actually play at the Grammys concert. For now, a Van Halen appearance has yet to be confirmed by the Recording Academy, although a press release issued on Thursday touted "a special, live announcement from a truly iconic group regarding their historic band reunion set to take place on the GRAMMY stage on Feb. 12, 2012."