Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nickelback Metallica

It seems to be a trend to bag the hell out of Nickelback. But while the Canadian rockers absolutely deliver in the live stakes, we're not sure if they should be covering songs by Metallica.

But that's what they did at the Rock Am Ring festival they played in Germany way back in 2004. A fan uploaded the video on YouTube last night showing singer Chad Kroeger leading thousands of fans through a cover of the heavy metal legends' stomping classic, "Sad But True".

When we put this up on our Rock News facebook page the reaction was mixed.

Hardcore Nickelback fan Mitchell Duggan stated: "people that hate nickelback are just jealous." While Metallica fan Sandy Murphy said, "No one can top Metallica... it was a decent effort though."

Others like Rosie Alan Muscat claimed Nickelback shouldn't be taken so seriously. "It was ok until he started singing!!," she laughed. "I don't mind Nickelback now and then - it's not music you can take seriously."

Meanwhile, Nickelback have released their seventh studio album, Here And Now, which you can listen to here.