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A top seller, the Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster guitar is modeled after Malmsteen’s favorite Fender. Features include an alder body, scalloped fretboard with deeper scalloping, machine screw neck mounting, brass nut, bullet truss rod nut, white/black/white pickguard, original synchronized tremolo and Seymour Duncan YJM Fury pickups.

The one-piece maple neck was discontinued in 1958. From 1958 until summer 1964 the fingerboard was a piece of rosewood milled flat on the underside and glued to the maple. This has become known as a "slab fingerboard". The slab fingerboard was approx 4.8 mm at its thickest point in the centre of the neck under strings 3 and 4. From mid 1964 until 1979 the rosewood and maple were pre radiused and the fingerboard became known as curved, round laminate or "veneer", having an even thickness across the neck unlike the previous slab type. This design change was made because Fender encountered problems with some of the necks twisting with the slab design and this new method of construction reduced this problem significantly. Maple fingerboards were available as a special order only. The following year the pickguard design changed to a 3-ply (4-ply on some colors) "multi-layer" with 11 screw holes. After purchasing Fender in 1965, CBS began to offer both a maple neck with a separate glued-on laminated maple fretboard in 1967 (known as a "maple cap" neck) and the rosewood fretboard over maple neck remaining the other neck option.


Two years later, the CBS-owned Fender companies re-introduced the 1-piece maple neck after a 10-year absence. The primary reason for the switch to rosewood in 1959 was that Gibson guitars had rosewood fingerboards and customers wanted this and that the maple fingerboards discolored very quickly because the old nitro cellulose lacquer was not very durable and wore through on the fretboard very fast. Since the introduction of the Fender Stratocaster Ultra series in 1989, ebony was officially selected as a fretboard material on some models (although several Elite Series Stratocasters manufactured in 1983/84 such as the Gold and Walnut were available with a stained ebony fretboard). In December 1965 the Stratocaster was given a broader headstock with altered decals to match the size of the Jazzmaster and Fender Jaguar.

  • With a scalloped freeboard and super jumbo frets the Yngwie Malmsteen Strat is built for extreme shredding.
  • With Diarize YJM neck and middle pickups and a Diarize HS-3 Stack bridge pickup, the Yngwie Malmsteen Strat offers the huge range of high-gain tones that made Yngwie famous.
  • Vintage Tweed Case, Yngwie Malmsteen Strap, and Cable included.

Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster® Electric Guitar, Vintage White, Maple Fretboard

Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster® Electric Guitar, Vintage White, Rosewood Fretboard

Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster Bundle with Strings, Pick Card, and Polishing Cloth - Scalloped Maple Fretboard, Vintage White