Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Corey Taylor At a LIVE Concert

Forget about the Dos Equis guy, because Corey Taylor is the most interesting man in the world — or at least the most interesting in the hard rock world. The mega-star known for fronting Slipknot and Stone Sour gave fans the opportunity to see a completely different side of himself at “An Evening With Corey Taylor” Saturday night at the Gothic Theatre.

Taylor has proven himself to be a well-rounded performer by transitioning often from the ultra-heavy Slipknot to a much more pop-rock, melodic Stone Sour, but his current solo tour is giving audiences a chance to see Taylor add stand-up comic, storyteller and writer to his resume.

Dawning a hat and hoodie, Taylor opened by telling jokes and stories about his days living in Lakewood, being raised Lutheran or “Catholic-Light,” being a “Goth kid” and most candidly about the Dragon Lady — a hilarious account of a drunken night at a local club to go along with the “Lust” stop of the tour, which follows the chapters of Taylor’s New York Times Best Seller “Seven Deadly Sins.”

During the opening Q&A portion of his set, Taylor let fans in on intimate details as to how he joined Slipknot (was asked to join while working at the “local smut hut”), that he pranked Axl Rose’s piano back stage at a European concert and he confirmed rumors that Slipknot will return to touring as a headliner on next year’s Mayhem Festival.

The second half of the over two-hour show was all about music. Taylor played an all-acoustic set, offering unplugged renditions of Slipknot’s “Spit it Out” and “Snuff,” Stone Sour’s “Through Glass” and “Bother,” which was inspired by Taylor leaving Denver and a series of covers from Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd and closing with U2’s “With or Without You.”