Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beyonce Dance For You OVERVIEW

Since announcing her pregnancy this fall, Beyonce has shot out new videos quicker than you can count to four. (Or, 4, as per her current album's title.) There was "Countdown," "Party," that one where her baby-bump folds in two (technically that one's an "unofficial" release), and "Love on Top." And today, she's packing in yet another one. It's called "Dance For You," and included on her new Live in Roseland DVD, it's also posted below.

For anyone who thinks the steamy classic film pairing of Bogey and Bacall could use a modern (or porno) update, noted pop star and film historian Beyonce delivers in this latest clip.

Starring as a screen siren in distress, Beyonce opens the black-and-white video with a visit to some hard-nosed gumshoe -- one who probably models on the side when not "tightening the screws" on some "trouble boys" and whatnot.

B's got something to show him. Not clues, not evidence -- though her costume would suggest she's a victim of the pop world’s biggest whodunit: The Mystery of the Missing Pants. Instead, she's there to show how very much she appreciates him (as per the lyrics), by giving him an extended private dance.

Whatever he did to deserve this -- and the same goes for Beyonce fans -- remains a mystery.

"Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body/ Boy, I like it when you watch me/ Tonight it's going down," Beyonce sings and grinds on the chorus, perhaps mistaking the P.I.'s office for the bachelor party down the hall. It's all very sultry and intimate to a point -- that point being the moment she unveils a line-up of back-up dancers, who all continue with a synchronized bump-and-grind. They’re all set up in front of antique fans, in case you were worried this’d take away from the general noir-ish aesthetic.