Monday, October 17, 2011

Benefits of the Korg SP250

The digital piano with the most realistic concert grand piano sounds on the market today. As a digital stage piano, this model offers versatility for the musician of any skill level. Sounds of other instruments are easily accessed and added to the playback of the musical composition. Student and professional musicians enjoy playing this full-size keyboard to reproduce music from
every genre.
Each Korg SP250 review cites the ease of use this keyboard offers through intuitive controls. Every feature is easily accessed for experimenting with different combinations to produce unique sounds for original and pre-written musical compositions.

Benefits of the Korg SP250

Sound quality – Sound from this instrument has been compared to the finest pianos.
Dual-cone speakers – Matched pair of stereo speakers produce beautiful instrument sound in the form of various voices of instruments from brass, woodwind, strings, and percussion instruments. Realistic piano sounds are reproduced in true stereo fashion.
Metronome – Internal counting mechanism that maintains the beat for the piece being played. Speed and volume adjustments can be made with one hand while playing the keyboard with the other.
Key Transpose – Easily change the musical key of any composition to match the voice range of a vocalist or the key of another instrument in the ensemble.
MIDI In/Out Ports – Connect to a computer to download existing MIDI files for easy playback from the keyboard. Attach a storage device, such as a flash drive, to store personal compositions.
Dual effects – Reverb effect creates a concert hall sound in the living room. Chorus effect will add depth the sound of the instrument.
Two headphone jacks – Great feature for the apartment dweller with an odd schedule. Overnight practicing will not affect others and can be shared by two people.
Easy to learn – Young students can use the keyboard manual to learn about every feature offered. Experimentation is easy because the buttons are labeled and every sound is easy to access.
Downsides found in this Korg SP250 review are as follows:
One Korg SP250 review mentioned the sturdy construction, but stated that this keyboard is much heavier which makes moving the instrument more challenging than other models. The sturdiness will be a benefit when the instrument is used heavily, but for mobility this keyboard will present a challenge.


Musicians of every ability level mention the beauty of the sound produced by this keyboard. Quality speakers provide deep tones without rattles and buzzes for realistic reproduction of every instrument voice. Young musicians will find the vast number of voices interesting when practice regimens lose their interest. Being able to play along with the stored songs will retain the interest of even the youngest student.
A stand and bench can be added to the keyboard for a beautiful ensemble that will compliment any setting. Stability is provided by the stand so that the instrument is not vulnerable to spills. Shock-resistant padding surrounds the internal components to reduce side impact when the instrument must be moved.
For the family seeking to raise a young musician with the love of a real piano sound, this keyboard is the perfect solution. Since additional instrument sounds, including percussion, can be added, the young student will learn to value beautiful music early in life.