Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anthony James "Tony" Franklin

Anthony James "Tony" Franklin (born 2 April 1962) is an English rock musician, best known for his work on the fretless bass guitar with Roy Harper, The Firm, Jimmy Page, John Sykes' Blue Murder, Whitesnake and briefly, with Quiet Riot.

He is credited with introducing the fretless bass to the heavy metal and hard rock audiences, as the fretless bass is not commonly heard in these genres.

In January 2006 Fender introduced the "Tony Franklin Precision Bass, a Fretless bass in tribute to Tony.

Although most know Tony Franklin for his fretless work, he's been doing sessions with the same fretted Precision Bass for years.

Franklin's fretted signature bass is similar to his fretless model, with Precision and Jazz Bass pickups and a three-way selector switch that provide an array of tones. Tony also works as the Artist Relations Manager for Fender and Fender-owned SWR Amplification, and performs bass clinics for Fender and SWR Amplification. Tony is also an endorsee for Fender and SWR as well for his equipment needs. Franklin has also appeared on all seven of keyboardist Derek Sherinian's solo albums - Planet X (1999), Inertia (2001), Black Utopia (2003), Mythology (2004), Blood of the Snake (2006), Molecular Heinosity (2009), and Oceana (2011)

Franklin cites John Deacon, Paul McCartney, and Jaco Pastorius as his main influences.