Sunday, December 10, 2017

Led Zeppelin lyrics Poor Tom

Drum of John Bonham starting this song, follows by accoustic guitar of Jimmy Page. Robert Plant come with calm voice, and John Paul Jones play his bass so slow... This song is unique.

Led Zeppelin lyrics
Poor Tom

Here's a tale of Tom
Who worked the railroads long
His wife would cook his meal
As he would change the wheel

Poor Tom, Seventh Son, Always knew what's goin on
Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom
There ain't nothing that you can hide from Tom

Worked for thirty years
Sharing hopes and fears
Dreamin' of the day
He could turn and say

Poor Tom, work's done, been lazin' out in the noonday sun

Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom

His wife was Annie Mae
With any man a game she'd play
When Tom was out of town
She couldn't keep her dresses down

Poor Tom, Seventh Son, always knew what's goin on

Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom

And so it was one day
He got wise to Annie Mae
Tom stood, a gun in his hand
And stopped her runnin' around

Poor Tom, Seventh Son, gotta die for what you've done

All those years of work are thrown away
To ease your mind is that all you can say?

But what about that grandson on your knee?
Them railroad songs, Tom would sing to me

Ain't nothing that you can hide from Tom

Keep-a Truckin'
Led Zeppelin lyrics Poor Tom

Friday, December 8, 2017

Trisha Yearwood's Worlds in Songbook

Trisha Yearwood ended up in the middle of one of 1997's music-industry storms when her version of the big ballad "How Do I Live" aced out teenage sensation LeAnn Rimes' on the soundtrack of Con Air, an action flick everyone immediately forgot about. This compilation contains many of the songs that established her as a major star, beginning with She's in love the boy - a song that enabled Trisha to become one of the few ladies in the history of country music to top the American country chart with their first single.

(Songbook) A Collection of Hits is the seventh album — and first greatest hits album — by country singer Trisha Yearwood. The album was Yearwood's first to reach #1 on the Billboard country albums chart. Due to the success of the single "How Do I Live" in Australia, the album was released there (in 1998) with six extra tracks, including a duet with Australian country star Lee Kernaghan.
she in love with the boy
trish yearwood

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

For The Love of Fire and Ice

How Many Miles To Babylon By Yngwie Malmsteen, taken from album Fire and Ice in 1992. What Yngwie do to this album was the incredible job, the harmony of classic heavy, the symphony of speed solo, ethnics, hard rock, Jimi's Blues and the others of his kinda music. Yngwie has ethic, in every make heavymetal's composition. He still always believe in God, there's a lot of heavymetal musicians, didn't believe to the earth's and the sun's creator, even if... we view to the highest hard metal music, just like blood metal, many found make friend with the devil.

But Yngwie, with his clever and miracle mind, go front straight with the principals of religion. Back to Fire and Ice, we found a memory in the past, when Perpetual song made open in cassettes or CD, a guitar slide heared, after that the composition of Perpetual give its great. We know he's made love connection with Erika, before to Amberdawn... in that time. Yngwie's Fire and Ice bring us to the highest of heavymetal kingdom. Perpetual, Dragonfly, Teaser, How Many Miles To Babylon, Cry No More, No Mercy, C'est La Vie, Leviathan, Fire and Ice, Forever Is A long Time, I'm My Own Enemy, All I Want Is Everything, Golden Dawn, Final Curtain... All is great.

Goran Edman in vocals, Svante Henryson on Bass, Bo Werner hit drums, Mats Olausson handle on keyboard. Michael Von Knorring drums on "Leviathan"
Yngwie led them all... They give Yngwie a good skill, that's why this album is sit in the sky of heavymetal album lists in 1992.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Listen To Music Can Control Mood

Listen to music is not just mere entertainment. Without you knowing it, the music actually give mood swings and even helps you to concentrate.

A study shows, listened to the song can give an effect on some parts of the brain, the relevant responsible person of memory and vision.

"For example, a recent study in Canada showed that there is a causal relationship between music and the core part of the brain that react to stimuli (food, light)," said Dr Victoria Williamson, professor of psychology at Goldsmith College in London.

health benefits for you because listen to music?

1. Improve mood
The reaction of people when listening to music generally different. But, whatever your musical selection, a 2011 study in Canada, which published in journal Nature Neuroscience suggests that listening to your favorite music can help melt a bad mood.

Research at McGill University in Montreal showed that listening to music can trigger the release of dopamine hormone.

2. Focus
This is a little strange, but the evidence suggests that listen to music can help you to concentrate. A tool 'digital tonic' which is called Ubrain, claims can help the mind focus and relax.

This application is based on binaural beats (which can stimulate the specific activity in the brain) that helps you to increase your energy, your mind and improve your mood while listening to favorite music.

"By helping cortex of the brain produces certain waves, we can induce some parts of the brain remains awake, depending on the goals we want to do," explains clinical psychologist from Brigitte Paris Forgeot.

3. Increase endurance
Listening to certain music can actually help you run faster. A study at Brunel University, West London, has shown that music can help to increase endurance by 15 percent, improve morale and energy efficiency of 1-2 percent.

Instead, choose songs that fit with tempo of your sport. Listening to music while sporting metronomic will give effect to the body, thus allowing you to exercise longer.

4. Better mental health
Music can be an effective treatment and positive for people dealing with mental health conditions.

"There are two different ways are used in music therapy: either as a means of communication and self-expression or for the quality inherent restorative or healing," said Bridget O'Connell.

5. Relieve stress
Research in 2011 from a mental health charity shows, nearly a third of people listening to music to give the spirit at work. And one in four people admit that they listen to music while traveling to work to help cope with stress.

6. Patient care
Music really can have a significant positive impact on patients with long-term illness, such as heart disease, cancer and respiratory conditions.

Many experiments have shown that music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and help relieve pain, anxiety and improve quality of life of patients.

"Music can be very useful for someone who is in a situation where they have lost control of their external environment," said Dr. Williamson.

"With the music they can get back a sense of control. The brain is very complicated - there are many elements involved in creating a sense of excitement - not surprising if there is research indicates that the release of dopamine associated with feelings of pleasure," said Bridget O'Connell, head of information from the Mental Health Charity Mind.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Miss In the Year of 1992's Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark Album, yeah it was... A memory about past time when we were childhood or in youth age, this album was perfect for heavymetal music line. Bruce Dickinson has a pure vocals, the best character by him from throat was out from mouth. This incredible war of heavy music was opened all metal people to buy the album, and hear it loudly at room. Trully, Iron Maiden want peace, not war. The lyrics a lot talk about peace, universal reformation for freedom, saving the suffered children, justice, part of songs told about horror and ghost, Iron Maiden Style as we know.
Be Quick or Be Dead, this post just only specially giving honor to this incredible song tone. Maybe there's Fear of the Dark Album's buyer spend some money to hear this, which didn't know the songs, especially for Iron Maiden fans. They will shocked from beginning when play cassette in tape electronic, because the drum hit by Nicko McBrain made open eye suddenly. Hard strike and fast. Melody and rythm come quickly before the running drum end, bass and two guitars made songs very heavy. Bruce Dickinson make voice so high, vocal's character get universizing with Iron Maiden's based style. 

This song was made Iron Maiden up to highest / the best heavymetal music in 1992, there's Yngwie Malmsteen's Fire and Ice album in the same condition, giving heavymetal sound to listeners. Be Quick or Be Dead have amazing rythm and tone union perfectly, fast and regulated. Steve Harris led the group cleverly, he plays the bass very nice and almost like guitar melody in all songs of this 1992 album.

In solo guitar, Janick Gers and Dave Murray make guitar duo amazingly, they both wasn't feel better or not in skill by each other, they give the song the king. Gers ever told a magazine, that his style in this song was influenced a lot by Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore. In 1992, Janick Gers included a new musician inside Iron Maiden, Adrian Smith is the elder one. Currently, Iron Maiden completed reunion of all, except maybe Paul D'Anno, the first vocal of Iron Maiden.

Be Quick or Be Dead is amazing song, bring us to 1992's age, when we all always listen heavymetal music in its age.


Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark
Fear of the Dark Album
heavymetal music
bruce dickinson iron maiden
heavy music
horror and ghost
Fire and Ice album
guitar melody

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Stand in Alchemy Tracks

"The stand
Try to understand"

Released November 23, 1999
Recorded 1999
Genre Neo-classical metal
Length 70:26
Label Pony Canyon

Alchemy is by no means Yngwie Malmsteen's best CD, but there are some real gems on here. Most notable songs include, "Leonardo" (the ingenius Latin intro sets the mood for the entire song ), "Blue" (very emotionally driven) , "Legion of the Damned" (in your face Yngwie fury), and "Asylum" (a three part masterpiece), "The Stand" (The Song remains the stand of heavymetal).

All the great Yngwie licks are present, with a few new tricks as well. Fast, furious, and hard rocking - which is all a true Yngwie fan really wants! Although the lyrics at times seem to have been beaten into place with a hammer to fit the rhyme scheme ("The Stand" in particular seems to be a half-written song), they are at times intelligent and catchy - and nearly always fun.

Personnel: Yngwie J. Malmsteen (acoustic & electric guitars, sitar, Moog Taurus pedals, synthesizer, bass, background vocals); Mark Boals (vocals); Barry Dunaway (bass); Mats Olausson (keyboards, background vocals); John Macaluso (drums).

Tracks in Alchemy : Blitzkrieg, Leonardo, Playing With Fire, The Stand, Wield My Sword, Blue, Legion Of The Damned, Deamon Dance (7,405,926), Hangar 18, Area 51, Voodoo Nights, Asylum: I. Asylum, Asylum: II. Sky Euphoria, Asylum: III. Quantum Leap