Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Munky Photo at EMI Grammy is Commented

KoRn fans commented on Munky photo with 2 girls  at the EMI Grammy after party in Hollywood, CA.
(BLACK CARPET/ Grammy Night --February 12, 2012)

Sowter -Wow. Im happy for him.
de Oliveira -Munky the legend
Derin Izler -Munky the civilization
Montanez -Munky!!!
Solonycze -U guys need to put out another record as good as your older stuff, them good ol Korn roots. Im sorry but dubstep an i wont buy this one...

Bates -love the new album! great work!!!!! peace!
Klixto -If u know the life!!!!
Rodgers -Heh,it looks like he has two girly arms.
Bieler ‎-2 nice girls and you still look angry.
Kaucha -one of ma fav band......
Irving -Hey Korn fans, hurry and join the madness on Brian"Head Welch's" Page. The topic is pretty interesting.

Faridi -I Like korn...
Cash Irving -Amp it up as much as possible, lol.
Hossein Khani-I LIKE U MunkY !!!
Maria Rutter Korn is one of my favorites :) love the music too.