Wednesday, December 6, 2017

For The Love of Fire and Ice

How Many Miles To Babylon By Yngwie Malmsteen, taken from album Fire and Ice in 1992. What Yngwie do to this album was the incredible job, the harmony of classic heavy, the symphony of speed solo, ethnics, hard rock, Jimi's Blues and the others of his kinda music. Yngwie has ethic, in every make heavymetal's composition. He still always believe in God, there's a lot of heavymetal musicians, didn't believe to the earth's and the sun's creator, even if... we view to the highest hard metal music, just like blood metal, many found make friend with the devil.

But Yngwie, with his clever and miracle mind, go front straight with the principals of religion. Back to Fire and Ice, we found a memory in the past, when Perpetual song made open in cassettes or CD, a guitar slide heared, after that the composition of Perpetual give its great. We know he's made love connection with Erika, before to Amberdawn... in that time. Yngwie's Fire and Ice bring us to the highest of heavymetal kingdom. Perpetual, Dragonfly, Teaser, How Many Miles To Babylon, Cry No More, No Mercy, C'est La Vie, Leviathan, Fire and Ice, Forever Is A long Time, I'm My Own Enemy, All I Want Is Everything, Golden Dawn, Final Curtain... All is great.

Goran Edman in vocals, Svante Henryson on Bass, Bo Werner hit drums, Mats Olausson handle on keyboard. Michael Von Knorring drums on "Leviathan"
Yngwie led them all... They give Yngwie a good skill, that's why this album is sit in the sky of heavymetal album lists in 1992.