Friday, June 11, 2010


1984 peaked at #2 on the Billboard Magazine album charts (#1 at the time was Thriller, which featured an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on "Beat It," which Roth had criticized[3]) and contained future hits "Jump", "Panama", "I'll Wait", and "Hot for Teacher". "Jump" reached #1 on the magazine's singles chart. 1984 is the second of two Van Halen albums to have sold 10 million copies in the United States.

"Jump" was one of the most successful songs of 1984 and was on the 10 most played songs on the radio that year[citation needed]. As a single, it sold over three million copies alone, making it one of the most popular rock songs of that decade. "Panama" was the third single from the album and reached number 13 on the singles chart in June. The keyboard-driven "I'll Wait" was another single, reaching number 13 on the singles chart in March 1984. "Hot for Teacher", a humorous song about a grade-school crush, was also a hit, reaching #56 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as spawning a popular MTV video starring pre-teen lookalikes of the band members. It's also featured in the video game Guitar Hero: World Tour.

When this album was released in the United Kingdom, a removable sticker with the roman numerals MCMLXXXIV which is 1984 had to be placed over the cherub's hand as it was sporting a cigarette and there happened to be a non smoking campaign happening at the time, the same protocol was upheld for several other bands albums as well, such as the UK release of Canadian rocker Kim Mitchell's album Akimbo Alogo where the entire cover was changed due to a smoking reference.