Thursday, June 17, 2010


As previously noted, Def Leppard's criteria for what made the cut onto Vault, with the exception of the new recording, was the song had to be a hit single. However, apart from Hysteria, Def Leppard's chart success varied on both sides of the Atlantic for certain songs. Thus, different track listings were issued around the world. The American release is the most commonly known or available version of Vault.[original research?]

Exclusive to the North American release of Vault:

* "Miss You In A Heartbeat"

Exclusive to the European release of Vault:

* "Action"
* "Make Love Like A Man"
* "Heaven Is"

Exclusive to the Japanese release of Vault:

* "Rock! Rock! Til You Drop"
* "Can't Keep Away From The Flame" (new track)

"Foolin'" does not appear on the European release, but does appear on the North American release and the Japanese release.

The Japanese release features the only official release of the song "Can't Keep Away From the Flame," a song which has never been released in other regions.